SM's, s'Hertogenbosch

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SM's, s'Hertogenbosch


The museum is a very long empty space, the project's goal is to inject live and as a central vein irrigating zones with differents functions : restaurant, shop, bookspace...  As is it an old fabric the project must provide intimacy to each part and a specific organization.

The organisazion is based on a central circulation and smaller circulation going on each dedicated places. This structure is injecting life and people such as a plant is providing food to each leaf.  

In the same time the place is very dynamic because the center isalwaysbusy. The space's occupation could be optimised and in the same wealwayshaveakindoftransitiontogofromoneareatoan otherone.

The organization of the space is really specific because we have nothing along the wall and the organisation is not perpendicular to the wall giving freshness and random.

On a technical point of view, the central circulation provides a technical floor so it's power, light, connections to the center with a very simple disposal.
The base is made on each side by technical skirting board with a lot plug so that the future evolution of the space could be possible. The small wall on each side of the circulation allows to feel in a qualified space without being oppressed by the stuctire. It's like 

being at the open air and all the activities are visible.
The small walls are full of services in connection with the activity of the space. It supports the light and is the permanent heart of this place.
It's become a bar in the restaurant, it's could be the welcoming desk, it supports the show-window for the shop... This kind of structure is providing a lot of support to the people who are working there and
it significate more the idea of an active staff than making a rigid limit with the visitor which could be very interesting for the young visitor.
In a way, the system allows everybody to appropriate the space.

When we go closer in each organization's zone , we understand that we have a great number of alternatives creating a generous place. For example, in the restaurant you can be in a lounge, with sofa or on a table with chair or in the mezzanine if you want to see all the activity or in the terrasse...

The central circulation for the exhibition part could be also with wall so that we could stock all the podium under when it's not needed. It can be used to give information, present book, or integrated to the exhibition as an introduction.




  • Patrick Gries
  • Joep Lennarts
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