Sainte Bénigne Cathedral, Dijon

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Sainte Bénigne Cathedral, Dijon


“Working for a historic monument is an exciting challenge. Working with light also. When I found out about this project, it was with great pleasure that I wanted to get down to it.

I saw this project as one for a tightrope walker and a smuggler, trying to create a link between heritage and contemporary; standing back while emphasising, creating  contemporaneousness but remaining in keeping with the location, its architecture and its specific nature as a place of worship.

The project is developing as requested around the central nave and the alcoves: a large lantern and 11 other items.

I wanted to create volumes using very little material; it was this requirement that was the origin of an almost aerial wireframe in which the light takes refuge. To give it content while being all lightness.

The shape of the lantern brings to mind a fluid form which seems to slide along  the chain and becoming stable above the worshipers to bring them light.

Similar to the thurible which is also archetypical of cathedrals and symbolises the rituals which unite the faithful.

This is a structure that is at the same time classical, the principle of which recalls the designs of the 18th century lanterns in the centre which diffuse the light, and the external curves which together makes the whole a modern element.

The light is only magic if we can give it an area for subtle diffusion.

I like the lantern as it recalls the domestication of light, as if it is contained in the natural state in the body diffusing it, addressing it while it becoming space and is dispersed all around.

This lantern keeps the typology so that we are better supported in what is contemporary.

It subtle shimmer covers the spokes and emphasises the facets.

An almost obvious object.” 

matali crasset

This is a project which works on the duplication and repetition of a shape. The same piece repeated in the space, the object of the request, and the repetition of the same module allowing another form to take shape.





  • Blaise Adilon