Picoland 2, Okaidi

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Picoland 2, Okaidi


In the wake of the success of the first Picoland collection launched last spring, Okaïdi renews its collaboration with the designer matali crasset.

This collection is built on a shared philosophy of making fashion that is designed for and accessible to everyone.

With Picoland, Okaïdi and matali crasset add spark to children's lives! The geometric shapes sparkle as they dance, whisking children away on a journey through a world bursting with optimism. This second collection introduces new characters, to help children easily identify with and take part in this wonderful world.

"For Okaïdi, I created a fictional world. It's a world built around a diamond, a fun and unique shape that generates an entire alphabet of "pico" shapes which add more spice to life! Pico- land opens the door to a whole new world with its own animal and plant life, landscapes, and inhabitants." 

matali crasset has designed 20 different Okaïdi clothing items for boys and girls ages 4 to 12 years, including sportswear with modern styles. The collection is complemented by a small line of accessories, including costume jewellery, bags, and hats.
The entire collection is made of cotton, a favourite of children due to its softness and comfort, and frequent- ly used by Okaïdi in its apparel.

Starting 6 May, the Picoland collection will be sold throughout Okaïdi's network of 700 stores in over 60 countries, as well as on www.okaidi.fr and www.okaidi.it.
It's the perfect contemporary, vibrant world in which to kick off the summer!

Putting a touch of wonderful into life

matali crasset is an inventor of new worlds. Her own. Populated with clever objects. Children love these worlds because they encourage them to continue the invention themselves.
Together with Okaïdi, matali crasset puts her expertise to work in the field of children's fashion, creating in Picoland a world bursting with positive values that is designed to help children blossom and develop their imagination. The result are clothes that carry a touch of wonderful, that lift the spirit, that add zest to the world around us. 

Picoland opens children up to a new world, a world that expands infinitely starting with a simple geometric shape: a diamond, stardust, the Pico. In a world without limits or preconceptions, children are free to explore to their hearts content.
The aim is to show children that a very wide range of possibilities exist in the world in which they live ; our world becomes what we make of it. Starting with a Pico, we can create shapes which combine together to create the wildlife, nature, and inhabitants of this world, including Picogirl and Picoboy, who make their appearance in this second collection. 



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