One piece for Concrete LCDA and Domeau & Pérès

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One piece for Concrete LCDA and Domeau & Pérès


One piece is a monolithic structure that brings together the knowhow of two organizations: Concrete LCDA for the concrete design, and tapestry / leather craftsmen Domeau & Pérès for the leather work.

This unique groundbreaking work defies description with standard terminology.
It seems to call for new words, with new meaning, for a new era. On the one hand
we have a solid one-piece design made
of familiar material; on the other hand we also have an appearance of lightness and fluidity suggested by the facets.

This counter (but is it really a counter?) seeks to break away from the codes of rigidness.
It is not a barrier between the people seated on each side. In fact, it brings the two people together; it creates a bond.

This piece is made of a 20”-thick single piece of fiber-reinforced concrete. It is cast all at once, seamlessly. The technical difficulty of this creation is that it requires “360° molding”, with a counter mold to hold the concrete

up. With 300kg of concrete and 18 hours of casting, this is a daunting technical challenge. The inside of the structure is finished with genuine leather, fitted invisibly. 



  • Jean-Jacques Bernier & matali Crasset , courtesy concrete by LCDA