Multifacet for Concrete LCDA

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Multifacet for Concrete LCDA


Multifacet is a series of concrete mini areas with multiple possibilities for Concrete LCDA : an area of light and reflections; a spot to display and magnify objects, a tasting area, a spot to nurture plants, and a champagne bucket.

Here, a masterful mix and staging of contrasting materials (concrete and metal) meet a need for durable beauty. We are surrounded by structures which amplify
the rites of everyday life and subtly symbolize our experience.

Each mini area is facetted, to be broken down on each side, to better show off the object on display: a flower, a candle or a bottle.
Each structure is designed and produced with a material that fits its function. Matte finished concrete offsets brass which gives off a feeling of gentle heat and expressiveness.

Pewter for the champagne bucket and brass for the tablets. 




  • Jean-Jacques Bernier & matali crasset , courtesy concrete by LCDA