Méta-forme, Cappellini

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Méta-forme, Cappellini


Within the framework of Designer’s Days at the Cappellini showroom, matali crasset proposes a new installation referring to what she calls a  meta-form.

Her idea is to start from a so-called simple shape which is then worked upon until near infinity and which is arranged in different ways to result in creating a “world”. This meta-form therefore becomes a structure from which various usages can be found. It’s the principle of organising things within an environment where we venture wearing out shapes in a virtually obsessive repetition.

Ironically, this hypothesis allows to cut loose from references (formal and methodological) resulting in creative freedom and individual aesthetic.

matali crasset used this logic when designing the woodland homes during the Vent des Forêts initiative.  






  • Alexandra Cossette, courtesy Cappellini
  • Simon Bouisson