Le salon de la Maison des petits, Centquatre, Paris

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Le salon de la Maison des petits, Centquatre, Paris

Because childhood and family are a leading priority in the  Centquatre project, a new area has been specifically dedicated to them.
Because the Maison des Petits is so hugely successful, it’s often “full”. Because for everyone’s comfort, the Maison des Petits only receives a set amount of families at a time.
Because the Centquatre wants all families to feel welcome, a special waiting area is at their disposal.

The “Petit Salon”, created by the designer matali crasset, allows families to cosily wait before being invited to enter the Maison des Petits.
Neither totally outside, nor totally inside, this new vibrant layout will draw out everyone’s inner imagination.
“The Maison des Petits of the 104 is like a living-room, an extension like an introduction. An activity room for parents and children modelled on a special play room within this open and serene area of the Centquatre or as joyful and festive as when the circus arrives into a village. An unidentified, two-tone object poses as a central point for acting out daily games – playing together in the middle or on its rim which becomes a low table to settle down or be seated.    
Different seating options are all around spaced out with vertical props, allowing children to concentrate and draw alone.
It’s also a platform that can easily be changed on a whim.

These vertical props encourage and allow children to present their drawings like a mini-exhibit or to just sit and read ... it becomes a structure for interaction with artists and designers ... a structure being home to unprecedented projects with the spontaneity of the Maison des Petits, therefore echoing any of its events.”
matali crasset