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La ville, Celsius energy


A meeting place around a functional geothermic prototype

Celsius Energy has developed a local system of low-carbon geo-energy, which leaves only a small footprint.


My role as a designer has been to figure out how to give a presence to geo-energy in situ, while its power, not unlike that of solar panels, remains invisible, and further conceive an installation inspired by the first prototype: a city in gestation takes shape around a central dome, inside which we can see the geothermal technology at work.


One of the biggest environmental issue at stake regards the heating system of buildings. Geo-energy not only provides a constant and resilient resource of power, but also a system easy to implement in town.


The colour gradients and rhythm of the shapes installed around the dome represent the skyline of the future city in gestation.


This space is a place of discussion and presentation: a demonstrator for geothermal technologies, as well as a living space for the people working at the company.


Climatic imperatives require us to consider all possible sources of renewable energy. We have for a long time only been exploiting three out of the four natural elements:


Water with hydropower;

Air with wind power;

Fire with solar power;

Whereas earth, the fourth element, has been minimised until now.


Celsius Energy offers an optimised solution for local geo-energy that only requires a low-carbon footprint. Both silent and aesthetically pleasing, this system generates power continually, available day and night, in the summer like in the winter.



  • Philippe Piron