La trame ancestrale, [senne], Bruxelles

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La trame ancestrale, [senne], Bruxelles



La trame ancetrale (LTA), the ancestral weave, offers a spatial and ephemeral distortion. These experiment proposes enlarging the design field to the invisible dimension. An invitation to dive within the folds of time.

Three experimental areas emerge from the shadowy light:

First we discover a triptych – a mirror in the centre and on each side bars of lined-up vertically-hanging LED lights. In the centre a glass bell floats holding a sensor-filled headset: the gateway to the ancestral world.

Our image reflects in the mirror intermittently and seems lured to leave reality under the mesmerizing effect of ascending lights.

It’s an introductory area to the theme.

The second area is an alluring area where we’re encouraged to venture within the heart of a hexagonal structure with tilted screens and to stand on the ground-positioned sensor pads. This module boasts spacecraft-inspired codes and is a framework to discover allegorical entertainment.

The fiction playing out before us simultaneously triggers the imagination and body language, resulting in an ultimate feeling of relaxation.

The third area is made-up of micro-architecture where we enter to approach the centre, sheltering an unusual cascade. A luminous flux appears to fall from the highest point and reflects on the micro-lighting devices located around the heart. They are at varied heights to outline a deflection of fleetingly-presented, daydream-like illustrations.

At the end of the “ride”, a printed illustrated 

La trame ancestrale (the ancestral weave) has been exhibited at [senne] in Brussels during Design September Brussels from September 8, to 20, 2015.

[Senne] is an independent, non commercial space that intends to present, once or twice a year projects of design and art especially created and produced for the place and characterized by their innovative aspects.



  • Jérôme Spriet