Extratoof, Le Buisson / Centre Pompidou

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Extratoof, Le Buisson / Centre Pompidou


At the time of her exhibition, le blobterre de matali, the Centre Pompidou publications, together with the jeweller Le Buisson ,are producing a piece of jewellery by matali crasset extracted from this installation thought out like an artificial and imaginary garden *. 

The Parisian jeweller Le Buisson, who invited matali crasset into the world of jewellery by de- signing various collections in precious and fine stones, then appeared to be the ideal partner.

The blobterre is a world with its own species which answer to the strange names of domos- quelettes, intratoof, nervup, etc. This is a world closely linked to jewellery’s natural passion for plants and flowers.
The idea to design a piece of jewellery came naturally from these common links.

Extratoof will be the third piece produced by the Centre Pompidou publications after those by Jean-Michel Othoniel and François Morellet.

An Extratoof, a piece of this imaginary world may then be worn as a pendant: made of silver, it is a tree structure made up of seven elements which enclose a red agate in its centre.

Is this talisman the key to the blobterre? 



  • Julien Carreyn
  • Claude Iverné
  • Cécil Mathieu
  • Philippe Acher