Dark sky (Cielo obscuro), Concentrico 08, Logroño

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Dark sky (Cielo obscuro), Concentrico 08, Logroño


An owl has landed in the middle of the city for Concentrico 08.

On the one hand, as a totem animal, it symbolically guides us to see beyond the veil of deception, of illusion, and helps us to see what is usually kept hidden. 

On the other hand, it sees in the dark.


In the heart of Logrono, the owl became space and has two temporalities: 

At night it wakes up, its eyes become luminous. 

A reassuring presence in the night, it calls from afar to come and a more temperate warmth and to settle down to look at the stars.

This is particularly appreciated from the deckchairs - a sloping surface on either side of its nose.

A work in defence of the starry sky, in danger of disappearing due to the multiplication of satellites. 

A work that summons the sensitivity and reaffirms that the sky is above all a space of imagination and freedom where everything is in eternal motion.

The day, 

It is an almost maternal presence that invites intergenerational scenarios around three spaces that cohabit:  

a double tunnel for the joy of children who are invited to enter the owl's nose;

a double inclined plane which offers the possibility to lie down in an informal way;

a high plane, behind, which invites to settle down, to exchange and to look at life as through a visor.

A space dedicated to eating with friends.

A yellow metal structure that emphasizes the curved contours and a wooden covering that provides a warm interface for sitting.

A work to be lived in, placed in the heart of the town of Logrono, which interacts with the Concha del Paseo, a bandstand in the form of an auditorium created in 1954 on the Paseo del Espolon.





  • Josema Cutillas, Concentrico 08